The all-new StealthSend Desktop

December 17, 2021

We are excited to announce the release of our highly anticipated StealthSend Desktop, Stealth’s desktop light wallet. This release marks the beginning of a new era for Stealth XST. Users can now fully enjoy the Stealth cryptocurrency’s defining features, enabled by our unique blockchain technology called Junaeth.



The Junaeth consensus protocol has set new standards in the blockchain industry. It has five second blocks, resulting in an average transaction confirmation of 2.5 seconds (half the block interval). Stealth is also unique in that it is fee-optional, with the most spam resistant feeless protocol yet invented. You can read more about Junaeth and its many features here and here.

With the desktop app now available, and feeless transactions enabled, Stealth XST is one of a small set of feeless currencies that have the scalability, ease of use, and spam resistance suitable for widespread blockchain adoption. More about why feeless is critical for blockchain adoption can be found here and here.

“Under the hood, Stealth introduces a number of technologies not found in other cryptocurrencies,” says Dr. James Stroud PhD, Lead Developer. “These features include the first ever quantitative reputation system for blockchain validators, and a distributed network clock that does not require network-wide time synchrony. Combined, Stealth’s unique technological advantages make it faster, more scalable, and more robust than other blockchains.”

XST is a full featured blockchain protocol with true multi-signature transactions. More about “The World’s First Feeless Multisig Transaction Round Trip” can be found here

Nano, the prior standard bearer of feeless transactions, can’t offer this important feature. Multi-signature transactions are necessary for custodial applications. It’s possible to create a smart contract on EOS, for example, with multisignature spending conditions, but then it’s a smart contract and you have to own RAM, vested EOS, etc. The opportunity costs of these requirements eliminate the advantage of true feeless transactions. Perhaps more problematic is that smart contracts can be changed, so users can never fully trust their multi-signature properties. Nano offers the singular use case of sending from account to account, while EOS requires way too much overhead to be useful as a proper medium of exchange.

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The StealthSend Desktop App – An Overview

From user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) perspectives, both StealthSend Desktop and the forthcoming StealthSend Mobile Redesign set new standards in the industry, just like the Stealth blockchain protocol itself.  StealthSend Desktop offers a unique and easy to use interface, providing the user with the best cryptocurrency experience possible. StealthSend Desktop is exclusively available for Stealth XST.

Users can use their existing Recovery Phrases from their mobile apps or create a new one. Both apps support BIP39 and make it just as easy and convenient to use as Ledger Live, whereas the StealthSend apps support labels (aka transaction memos) to keep easier track of remittances.  Ledger Live doesn’t support this feature.

For easy access, users will have to create their own password and for security reasons, verify their Recovery Phrase.

Users navigate their accounts in The Dashboard. The main menu is collapsable and accessible at all times.

The dashboard gives users the option to hide and display both charts and transactions, according to preference.

The little blue lightning icons indicate if a transaction is/was feeless or not. Transaction details are available for every transaction via the menu on the right of the screen.

With a simple 1-click, users can even resend transactions 1:1, which comes in handy for periodic remittances.

Should a user need to find a specific transaction, the app offers various filters to meet every need.

The Send and Receive process is as simple as possible, offering great ease of use. Users can access the option to Send and/ Receive via the account boxes, or straight via the main menu shortcuts.

Feeless is the default setting when sending XST.

Should users decide to send a money-fee transaction, they simply disable the feeless switch.

One question is why anyone would want to pay fees if they have the option to not pay fees. The answer is that feeless transactions have special conditions that limit the potential for their abuse. Under certain circumstances, like periods of exceptionally high use or an attack on the Stealth network, paid transactions have their own bandwidth, separate from feeless transactions, meaning paid transactions can go through even when the network is under extreme stress.

Receiving is just as easy and convenient as Sending.

hould you be not at home, for example in an airport lobby on your laptop and you don’t want anyone to see your balances and values, or you simply want to share a screen with someone, simply hide them with a click.

Settings offer a variety of security features: users can reset passwords, backup the Recovery Phrase again. Another feature called Auto-lock is a great way to secure the app after inactivity, preventing unwanted access. In case a user forgets the password, but still has the Recovery Phrase, the user can reset the app at any time and start over again using the seed without having to uninstall and reinstall the StealthSend Desktop app.

There is so much more to discover. Install and give it a try!

And let us know what you think!

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Outlook – What’s next?

The team is working on integrating Ledger Hardware support for anyone wanting access to their XST stored on a Ledger device. A Realistic ETA would be a few weeks after this release, most likely Jan/Feb 2022. We’ll provide updates as we progress.

For a better user experience we are working on integrating notifications and HD watching.

We released the StealthSend Mobile App earlier this year. Shortly after we started to redesign the app to match the desktop experience and UI/UX. We’ve rebuilt the mobile app from scratch and are very happy about the iOS release. Android is about to follow shortly. The release for mobile does not include support for feeless transactions yet, however we are working relentlessly to have an update within just a few weeks. So stay tuned! Once that is done, XST offers a complete package for both desktop and mobile and leaves nothing to be desired.

We also have plans to grow the community and utilize the Junaeth protocol in a different way. More to come soon. Stay tuned!

Fast. Secure. Reliable.

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