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Stealth / XST ABC

Q. Who is Stealth?

Stealth’s development company is Stealth R&D, LLC, a Delaware, USA limited liability company formed in 2018.


Q. When was Stealth created?

Stealth was created on its own blockchain in July 2014


Q. What is the “ticker symbol” for Stealth?

Stealth is listed as XST since launch.


Q. What is the Stealth (XST) coin?

XST is a transaction coin. It is on its own chain, established in a genesis block 7/4/2014. It was fairly mined into existence by proof of work.


Q. What algorithm is used by Stealth?

X13, Proof of Stake


Q. What is Junaeth?

Junaeth is the name of the new high performance consensus protocol used by Stealth. Junaeth represents the dawn of #blockchainmeritocracy, where blockchain validators gain rights through purely economic mechanisms and are rewarded based solely on quantifiable performance.
Junaeth, formerly termed “qPoS”, is a unique reputation and stake-based consensus protocol that delivers one of the fastest blockchains in existence. Junaeth’s stake-based protocol obviates the political mess of so-called “delegated” systems where founders and insiders often have a corrupting influence on blockchain performance, governance, and development of a supporting ecosystem.

Along with being a blazing fast protocol, Junaeth is engineered to support transactions with full cryptographic privacy, making it the most technically capable consensus protocol available. Additionally, Junaeth’s consensus mechanism allows for sidechains, blockchain oracles, on-chain governance, and other advanced blockchain functionalities. For these reasons, we predict Junaeth will serve as a model for future high performance blockchains.


Q. Where can I store my XST?

You can either download a mobile or desktop wallet


Q. Where do I get a Stealth wallet?

Wallet downloads are available from GitHub at this link –


Q. How do I backup my wallet?

If you’re using a daemon you can use the command `backupwallet` and specify a name for the file. If you use a mobile wallet or the desktop application you have your recovery seed which is your backup.


Q. How do I get a record of all transactions? Is there a way to get it by block?

This is done in the same way as bitcoin. The commands are getblock for the daemon, then parse for transaction IDs, then gettransaction to examine the details of the transaction. If you are on mobile or desktop simply go to the Transaction overview.


Q. How do I get transactions by transaction hash?

The command is `gettransaction txid` for the daemon. You can also copy the transaction hash and paste it in the search field on the blockexplorer.


Q. How do I create address/account? Is there a limit to create addresses?

There is no limit to create new addresses. Same as bitcoin, the command is getnewaddress for the daemon. If you’re using the mobile or desktop application go to `Receive” and you will get a new address.


Q. Is there any fee to pay when sending transactions?

Transactions are feeless, you do not have to pay a fee.


Q. What is the official blockchain explorer address?


Q. Where can I find the Whitepaper?


Q. How are Stealth XST tokens earned & acquired?

Tokens can be bought on exchanges. Owners of StealthNodes get rewards for validating blocks.


Q. How are XST tokens traded?

Tokens are traded on exchanges and possibly over the counter, just like bitcoin. No tokens can be purchased as part of an ICO or any other type of coin sale related to issuance.


Q. What rights to XST holders have?

Token holders have no rights beyond ownership and the right and transfer coins on the blockchain. This is similar in all ways to peercoin and Bitcoin.


Q. What can I use XST tokens for?

Tokens are pure utility tokens that can be sent and received simply for transferring the tokens themselves. This is exactly the same use case as for bitcoin, litecoin, and Doge for example.


Q. What exchanges is XST traded on?

Currently XST is available on Finexbox

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