StealtSend Desktop and Mobile – setting new standards in the blockchain industry.

Stealth’s unique technological advantages make it faster, more scalable, and more robust than other blockchains.

Blazing fast transactions.

Transaction fee is optional.

Highly scalable.

The Junaeth consensus protocol has set new standards in the blockchain industry. It has five second blocks, resulting in an average transaction confirmation of 2.5 seconds (half the block interval).

With the StealthSend Applications and feeless transactions enabled, Stealth XST is one of a small set of feeless currencies that have the scalability, ease of use, and spam resistance suitable for widespread blockchain adoption.

More about why feeless is critical for blockchain adoption can be found here and here.

“Under the hood, Stealth introduces a number of technologies not found in other cryptocurrencies.”

Dr. James Stroud, PhD

Stealth is also unique in that it is fee-optional, with the most spam resistant feeless protocol yet invented.

Fast. Secure. Reliable.

Get the Stealthsend Desktop App.


Both apps support BIP39 and make it just as easy and convenient to use as for example Ledger or Trezor, whereas the StealthSend apps support labels (aka transaction memos) to keep easier track of remittances.

The future is in your hands.

The Stealthsend Mobile App is available for iOS and Android. Both StealthSend Mobile and Desktop are light wallets and ready to be used within a few seconds.


Stealth’s Management Team


Sascha Pahlke

Co-Founder | Principal


Dr. James Stroud, PhD

Co-Founder | Principal | Lead Developer


Gian Perroni

Chief Operating Officer

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